Usage Directions of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  1. Food Blending or Dressing
  tick Blend 2 tablespoons of EVCO into milo, milk or yogurt per serving
  tick Blend 2 tablespoons of EVCO into rice, porridge or pasta per serving or as salad dressing
  2. For Cooking
  tick Ideal at low heat temperature
  tick Can be used in almost everything stir fries, baking, smoothies instead of usual frying oil
  tick It can be used to replace butter and margarine
  tick As a completely stable saturated fat, it doesn't need to be refrigerated
  3. Direct Consumption (Best before meal)
   Recommended Dosage:
  tick 1 teaspoon (5gm) 3 times daily
  tick 1 tablespoon (14gm) 3 times daily
The Xanthones from the mangosteen have been shown in laboratory studies to be powerful Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatories and to have other special properties. However, laboratory results do not guarantee that the same will happen in the human body. Mangosteen is a nutritious fruit not a drug, and no therapeutic claims are made for this product.